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澳门威尼斯人活动办理大厅是你网站上最重要的页面. It is the first thing people see when they pull it up, 所以给人留下完美的第一印象是很重要的! Remember, first impressions count and if the first one you make on someone is a bad one then you have permanently ruined your image to that person!

There is a difference between simply having a homepage and having a homepage that can convert your website’s visitors into long-time customers. 让我们看看你如何利用你的主页来增加销售转化率.

Focus only on one Call-to-Action

If you have a website that has been built already, 让你认识的人进入你的网站,让那个人假装自己是你的客户. Have this person go through your homepage and study how long it takes for them to find any call-to-actions you have and click on them.

您可能会发现,如果您的主页有不止一个号召行动, 用户可能会感到不知所措,并离开你的网站,没有任何粘性.

当访问者来到你的主页时,想想你希望他们做什么. Request a free consultation? Download a whitepaper? Maybe even subscribe to your email newsletter?

一个好的行动号召将把你网站的访问者转化为客户, 而一个无聊/平庸的网站只会导致他们离开你的网站去竞争对手的网站. 永远记住,一旦访问者点击了后退按钮,他们就永远消失了!

据Toast的营销副总裁Ellie Mirman所说, 仅使用一个行动号召就能提高371%的参与度和1617%的销售额; with that being said, 确保你的主页只有一个号召(这是难以抗拒和诱人的!).

However, 期望你的号召行动能带来如此高的用户粘性, your visitors must be able to find them to begin with!

Your homepage should be very short and simple and only include elements that are extremely important. Remember, you do not have to explain everything in detail on your homepage; you should use other pages of your website to explain other aspects of your company in detail.

You especially should avoid using large, lengthy paragraphs on your homepage as this will completely bore the reader; also keep in mind that visitors do not want to scroll endlessly to get to the point. 你的主页应该简单明了,没有任何瑕疵!

According to this case study conducted by ConversionXL, 主页较短的网站比主页极长的网站转换效果更好.

In short, make sure your website’s homepage is condensed down to make it quick and easy for your visitors to find your call-to-action whilst still answering any questions they may have about your company.

Your Homepage Should Have Eye-catching Headlines

The headlines on your homepage should instantly grab the attention of your readers; headlines do not necessarily have to be catchy, just enticing. Remember that boring headlines will not generate any interest in what you have to say; conversely, 使用能产生情感的词语的标题会让人们有所行动!

Kristen McCormick at Wordstream has prepared 在这篇文章中,你可以使用哪些单词和短语来创造这种情绪; we recommend that you check it out as it is a great resource for both headlines and your website’s content in general.

According to this article from Entrepreneur magazine, it takes less than two-tenths of a second for a visitor to form an opinion of your brand once they look at your company’s website.  Within that time frame, you must be able to explain all of your selling points and communicate value to your visitors or they will click that back button and never return!

Let’s look at some examples of effective headline use.

effective homepage example

This example comes from HEB’s website; notice what we have drew a pink square around. 顶部的英雄形象使用了一个漂亮的大标题:“节约膳食简单。.” The word SAVE is being used to create emotional appeal to entice the user to shop there to save money.

You also see the words FREE being used a few times as another method to encourage people to shop at HEB; in the WordStream article we mentioned earlier, “FREE” is one of those words that can also encourage visitors to become customers (it is certainly one of the most powerful words to use in marketing!). Everyone likes to get free stuff, right?

最后,请注意,在两个主要标题下面有一个行动号召按钮. 请注意,用户甚至不需要滚动整个主页来执行操作. The headlines simply tell the user everything they need to know and give them the option to act without having to scroll through endless paragraphs and pictures.

effective homepage example

This next example comes from SEMRush, 专注于提供搜索引擎优化服务的公司.

Notice how the words “one platform” are used twice in both the main headline and then in the byline that follows it. That is because they want visitors to their site to understand that they can do everything that SEMRush has to offer in one place (eliminating the hassle of having many different content marketing companies and tools providing different services).

After going to straight to the point, they then have the call-to-action placed directly below the headlines (similar to the example from HEB) where the customer simply has to type in their website URL or relevant keywords. 然后,start now按钮将用户带到一个创建帐户的页面.

Did you notice that both examples use about one or two headlines at the top of their homepages at the most, 下面紧跟着一个呼叫按钮? If you can write an enticing headline, cover everything the customer needs to know in only a few words and eliminate scrolling through the homepage altogether, then you can capture attention very easy.


  • Why do I need to buy this product?
  • 为什么我应该从你那里购买这个产品,而不是从竞争对手那里购买?

Always put consumer value as your point of emphasis when trying to explain your products and services to your customers; think about what your competitive edge is (what sets you apart from your competition). Remember, if your company does not have a competitive edge then customers do not have a reason to buy from you instead of from a competitor.

Things to Avoid Placing on a Homepage

One mistake many people make when writing their homepage content is writing about things that can be placed elsewhere; the homepage should be used for communicating value and giving a very brief introduction of your products and services (with an enticing call-to-action).

你在不同的主页上看到的不必要的内容包括公司历史, photos of employees and photo galleries. 现在这些项目确实属于你的网站,但它们不属于主页! Content like this belongs on their own pages; for example, information about company history can be placed on an individual page called “About Us” or something like that. 员工介绍团队的照片也可以放在同一页面上.

Secondly, you do not want to include any elements on your homepage that may annoy your visitors or seem intrusive. For example, you should avoid using videos that are set to play automatically (known as autoplay) upon page load; this can scare the user and cause them to leave. On a similar note, 避免使用任何背景音乐或意想不到的声音,因为这可能导致同样的结果.

You should also avoid the use of random popups as this can cause the user to get sidetracked from the main message at hand; you should especially avoid using popups on mobile users for two reasons: popups can be extremely user-unfriendly on mobile devices and Google will penalize sites that utilize them on mobile sites because of said reason.

Things to Focus On

你的主页应该专注于通过吸引用户立即行动来创造用户粘性, as mentioned earlier.

Are you running any promotions or specials? Offering discounts via coupon code? Let them know and be upfront about it!

你希望你的客户能够与你联系吗(他们会有问题吗, 特别是如果这是他们第一次了解你的公司及其产品/服务)? 确保你的联系方式上有一个诱人的标题. Example: “Contact us for a FREE consultation. No obligations!”

谈谈你的产品和服务的好处,并解释为什么他们应该购买它们. Can you back up your claims with customer testimonials? 包括访问者可以快速浏览的评论和案例研究.

Most importantly, make sure that your content is optimized for SEO; if you ignore this step, 那么,不要期望你的网站在搜索引擎上排名很好. Check out this guide from Search Engine Journal to learn more!


Now that you have finished reading this quick guide, we hope that you are now ready to start creating an awesome homepage; one that will convert visitors to customers quickly. Do you still have questions? 在开始本文中讨论的内容时,您需要帮助吗? We are only an email or phone call away. 澳门威尼斯人活动办理大厅,今天免费咨询,没有义务!